The Spider Lover



Louisa April is a poet, guitarist and a Computational Mathematics & Cybernetics student. Raised in Namibia but born in Botswana and raised by her Nigerian Father. She has her feet planted firmly in different cultures. Her writing began with compositions in primary school, with encouragement from teachers she blossomed into a young poet who strives for a lot more than she is and can do.

Her performances started in high school continuing into varsity, they introduced her to a diverse group of people with love of written and performed arts, because writing wasn’t her only talent; she has a wonderful singing voice. She got to spent time with various people in the production trade to learn and exchange ideas.

Louisa is known for her sadistic and morbid poetry but here and there often lets sunshine flow from her pen, she continues to grow over the years.

Read more of Louisa’s poetry at her blog here and visit her YouTube channel here.


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