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My first love, Botswana and her sisters

I know I left without warning. I packed my bags and got on a plane to somewhere far from you. I don’t think I ever got to say my proper goodbyes. Things were complicated then… you loved me, but I loved someone else and I was willing to risk it all to be with them. so I did. And each day away from you brought me closer to you. I’ve learnt to appreciate the black skin you body comes in, though at times it is dark and a bit dry, I promise to kiss all your wounds and help you become better.

Can you forgive my selfishness? I’m still trying to figure out where they sold me the dream, was it in all the books I read or the images flashing on my screen. Did I tell myself that you didn’t deserve me or that I deserved better? My best is you to be honest. Being away from you this long has dropped the scales from my eyes. I’m sorry I couldn’t see your treasure. I miss the way you smell during lunch hour, how the sun sets tucked themselves under your unruly hair come evening. I miss your children, their smiles and passion. The lady who woke up early to sit by the bus stop to sell sweets and all the pretentious people who gather at restaurants they can’t afford. Your children are different, some are loud and funny, others are quiet and coy. They are all talented, sometimes if not often lazy but I guess I was lazy too. I just left, didn’t even bother to try and make it work with you. No, wait… I think coward is the right word, but i want to fix that…

I wonder if you still abuse new songs until there is no elastic to hold the chords together. Adele just dropped a new single, I can imagine it playing everywhere. In every combi, taxi and music stall by the main mall and bus rank. Speaking about music, tell me Botswana,  do you like hip hop? Do you want new plants to grow in your streets or would you prefer it if we stuck to our roots? Are you open to change? I know the way you dress is evolving, I’ve seen the pictures, the beautiful fancy buildings,  but I mean will the elders listen to your youth? We have a lot to say. I’ve heard them gossiping and I wonder if you are taking the time to listen, maybe we should talk about that in person… let’s just catch up for now.

Does ‘Gamecity’ still shout gamecity by the Kgale combies? I do not know his name, just like I don’t know many peoples names but we are aware of each others existence and I am sorry I missed all your birthdays. I haven’t been to the stadium to celebrate it with you. I saw the cupcakes the kids made, I bet that made you smile! You are loved, I hope you know that even though at times it seems like everyone is trying to leave or if they do stay, they are not really present. We appreciate your dusty roads and loud weekends. We love all the beautiful spaces you have provided for us, the sandy spots in Bokspits, the wet lands in Okavango and Maun, and the ever changing but always constant streets of Gaborone.

I can’t wait to re introduce myself to you. I have changed too you know, maybe not as much as you but I think we can be family again. I only hope when I visit your sisters your heart will be reassured that I will return. My bags will never be packed in excitement to leave you, but rather in hopes to bring back something I can share with you, something that will show the world you true beauty.

The same kind of beauty the Afrobloggers are constantly sharing! It is beautiful to see fellow africans finding their voices through written word. There are a lot of things to be spoken about and we need to hear these voices! Thank you afrobloggers for introducing me to some wonderful writers, I look forward to each new discovery!

Thank you  for nominating me. I’m left a bit homesick but then again it is the truth. I miss home.

I have nominated

  1. Dialects of thoughts
  2. Diary of a Harare girl
  3. Melanin as love
  4. Siyanda Writes
  5. Soul Hair

Here are the guidelines on how this award works:

  1. Once you are nominated, make a post titled CELEBRATING AFRICA WITH AFROBLOGGERS.
  2. Your post should share a brief on Afrobloggers and the work they are doing. Also thank and link  the person who nominated you.
  3. Celebrate Africa in the way you feel is more appropriate and in line with your blog”s overall theme.
  4. Nominate 5 -10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you.
  5. Ensure all of these bloggers of African heritage.
  6. Lastly, COPY these rules in the post and include the link to this original post



One response to “Celebrating Africa With Afroblogger

  1. you are welcome and I am glad you accepted the nomination and wrote such an emotive piece.
    I guess the is no place like home and it takes going far away from it to realise it, I have never left my country, Zimbabwe (not for long anyway) but sometimes I do think about just dusting up my travel case packing and leaving….

    hahahahahaha Adele’s song is playing everywhere, some things do not change and others change so drastically.


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