Good Reads with Louisa

i have been doing  a lot of reading recently. I Just wanted to share a few of those reads mostly from the past two months.

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Sylvia Day -Crossfire Series

After the fever of Fifty Shades of Grey died down, a friend gave me a series of Crossfire Books by Sylvia Day to read. I must admit i enjoyed reading them, it was lovely to see two emotionally and physically abused people striving to get past their past.

The way the author writes is as though she wants to drag you into that moment and she does, you feel yourself growing with the characters, smiling, crying and even being startled by their nightmares. If you enjoyed Fifty Shades you might enjoy this series. if you didn’t like all the painfully sexy bits fifty had this would more likely suit your palate as there are no chains and cuffs.

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Asa Akira -Insatiable. Porn; A Love Story

Asa Akira is a name that should fit well into your mouth and taste like  a mouthwatering delicacy. If you do not know her she is a passionate woman., a porn star, her claim to fame comes in the form of having an award winning asshole as she likes to put it. She embodies what being a woman who is proud of her vagina [and sometimes asshole] stands for.

This book is kinda like an autobiography, she shares a few of her stories with us, how she got into the business, things that excited her like Glory Holes and the basic process of what happens behind the scenes. Asa brings into light her relationship with people of interest, family and co-workers, she also touches a bit on her childhood and life as an japanese american.

What i love most about the book and perhaps the author as well is that no sides are being picked, it’s just a story from her perspective and it’s the truth. She is not ashamed in fact, you can feel her passionate vibes radiating in the air, almost as though she is in the room across you about to climax.

Asa encourages women to embrace their sexuality, to know what turns them on and how they can get it. She could be the voice of your inner freak. In a world that has a growing sex industry and sex is still being taken as taboo, she does have a point. I would love to have my daughter read this one day, i feel it could teach a person a thing or two about being different, and loving it.

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Paulo Coelho- Eleven Minutes

Paulo Coelho is a genius, perhaps even a literary God. I have been sleeping on him, ever since i read the Alchemist i have been collecting his work and reading through them. I have fallen in Love with His books and how he manages to weave a personal bond you the reader and the characters he uses.

Once upon a time, there was a prostitute called Maria. Wait a minute. ‘Once upon a time’ is how all the best children’s stories begin and ‘prostitute’ is a word for adults. How can I start a book with this apparent contradiction?

I remember reading this and thinking wow, this will be interesting, because it was true. As i kept on reading i found out that i in many ways could relate to this prostitute called Maria, I know about love and loss. I know that sometimes being scared can make you lose out on a lifetime. I know heartbreak and happiness in content. Sometimes what you love or makes you happy is shunned by society.

Masturbation gave her enormous pleasure, and yet the Church seemed to imply that sex was the greatest of sins.

Reading this book made me constantly pause and ask myself questions, it also made me accept the answers i gave, all the honesty, all the messiness, all the blunt cuts that came with it. I Love it when a book posses the power to change you as a person, when it teaches you to love yourself better.

Although my aim is to understand love, and although I suffer to think of the people to whom I gave my heart, I see that those who touched my heart failed to arouse my body, and that those who aroused my body failed to touch my heart.


Tony Buzan- The Power of Spiritual Intelligence

I recently met a fer people who had me questioning where i stood spiritually as a person, i decided to go read a few books on it to maybe find out what it really meant to be spiritual and how in tune i was with it. this book did answer a few of my questions and it gave me a insight as to what Spiritual Intelligence is and how i can acquire it.

Are you a spiritual person? Many people confuse being spiritual
with being religious, but they are very different things. When you
are Spiritually Intelligent you become more aware of the ‘big picture’
– for yourself and the universe, and your place and purpose in it.

I love that it is not a How-To book, but rather it gives you various scenarios that could help you learn the message or moral behind the story. It shows you what potential you have and how you can push yourself to find your max. There are also a few poetic works in there that i adore.

i believe everyone should try to improve their spirituality,it focuses more on what you as a person have to offer for yourself and the universe. i think that if we could all tap into it, global conscious will naturally take over and a balance could be found.


John Green-The Fault In our Stars

Yes! I loved it! I look forward to the movie but i fear for what may happen once i see it.

This book is a beautiful picture of how the lives of cancer victims are actually affected, there are no happy endings or sad endings. it’s just time moving and people going on with what they have.

We all will die, though sadly some of us before we can experience redamancy, they few of us who do have that chance to experience love, not only to give it but to receive it back in full, it is a blessing and sometimes a curse. this book might leave you a bit teary, maybe not a bit, just keep your tissue close.

The simplicity the author gave Hazel and Augustus made them stick out and become memorable. he didn’t try too hard to make them the people they were. He simply told us a story about two people who loved under tragic circumstances.

This is all for now, i look forward to sharing more of the books i read with you. I am currently reading the Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, so far lovely and breath taking.


Which book are you currently reading? Have you read any of the above, if so how did you find them or feel about them?


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