Home Coming Part Two

goodbye at airport

On the second of September last year, my ex boyfriend offered to take me to the airport. My parents were out of town and i did need someone to help out with a few things. We just finished almost sorting out an issue that had been bugging us.

I Left on his birthday, his was the last face i recognised as i looked back after checking in. It was scary and surreal, a lot different from being brought in by your family.

We skyped a lot, almost every night, which slowly changed to weekends as our lives got busy. Then we had nothing else to offer each other apart from random facebook inboxes, or the occasional whatsapp text.

Since then i have learnt how to be alone with myself and my thoughts. i have learnt how to love him in silence, also i have learnt how to handle long distance situations, where love and lust overflow but never meet. 

i am constantly looking for new ways to show affection and practice love like Paulo Coelho has taught me in so many of his books. i am sated yet i feel so hungry and thirsty in life that i sometimes feel like i’m wasting my time chasing this degree.

  that is a story for another day, but i guess i’m reflecting on my academic year. i finally get to go home today. it’s been fun, interesting, sad, very tedious but mostly insightful. I have grown in more ways than i thought i would. i have learnt more things than i need to know but probably nearly as much as i need to know.


i look forward to warm smiles, cold glasses of wine, lots of beef and my mums endless hugs.


i am content . and blessed. and i can feel the love bursting.

Bismillah. to new beginnings.


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