Someone I Know

There is a male who prefers the same sex. This I understand for I am there too. His voice gets extremely hoarse when drunk but generally you can always pick him out from the crowd the way he speaks. I had the chance to get to know him personally, he is a good person but sometimes materialistic things get in the way of what we could have had. I have confided in him, learnt from him and gotten disgusted at the fact that he felt like he was grooming me. I hate when people feel like people are grooming me, but he said  this was one time when I was depressed and he forced his way into my room and asked me what was wrong.

When I am depressed I can’t tell you what is wrong with me. kinda like he was invading my privacy. I can only tell you that when I am like that there is no audible reason, it’s just a feeling I get drowned in. moving forward. I learnt that grooming a person can sometimes mean wanting to help a person grow even if it comes on forms of grooming them. Where I was, half a world from my family meant I couldn’t have anyone to ground me, he felt like my anchor, and though I have never told him, I miss him lecturing me. I miss the yoga sessions we used to have every other night and the way he would always have something important to say that would help me reflect on where I am going in life. I have learnt to love him in all the distance.

The guy above, I and he have had moments. I have felt like I have loved him and hated him. But mostly I love him, I have learnt from him and learnt that sometimes love doesn’t come in the form you want it to come in. I have also learnt that love isn’t easy and guys or girls will abuse you for loving them but he doesn’t let that stop him from opening up his heart.  He is love. He is glamorous and life. I am glad to have met him, mostly; I hope we won’t part soon.


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