Practicing Being Happy

I read somewhere that whatever you do should be true to you.

it should be an honest reflection of yourself.

i am still learning to practice this, especially in my writing.

Are you happy with yourself?

sometimes [read mostly] no. it’s been a trying phase, no longer a kid but not quite an adult yet. i am adjusting to everything around me, sometimes i drown in it, other times i am floating but mostly i’m questioning myself.

confidence, doesn’t always come in bucket loads every morning. it could be the very last drop at the bottom.  lately, that’s been my daily dose. Try running on low almost daily, there will come a time when you shutdown.

i am a coy being, who would pick walking away to a face to face confrontation. People have been shooting arrows in my direction, random comments, side glances, things that have started to feel like an itch i cant reach.

when you are unable to stand up for yourself in the little ways. It feels like you have lost a battle with yourself.

I’m not saying pick a fight, i’m simply saying be bold enough to say “hey, that’s not true” or “i didn’t like what you said”

Practicing waking up 

I am one of those people who can stay in bed all day, not sleeping , just not leaving the self made prison for whatever reason. Sometimes i genuinely fear having to hear something that will make my heart clench. there is always someone waiting to pounce and i’m pretty sure my mum taught me how to fight back or to be strong but her words are now a distant memory and i have  to learn that i am not waking up for them.

i am waking up to live out my dream.

I’ll start being true to myself.


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