I heard you say one time after I unbraided my hair, that you liked long hair.
I don’t like long, synthetic hair.
I’d rather it be long and natural.
Immediately you went on to state that you liked mine, as though you had seen the (non existant) fault in that statement.


I have short, natural, black nappy hair. Whenever we kissed you’d dig your fingers into my graveyard skull and pull, not to hard, just enough to make my back arch. I liked it, so did you, you rarely did it when I had plaited braids.

One time I got called African queen, after untwisting my Bantu knots and having a semi afro thing going on.

I’m not saying it’s best this way. I’m just saying I feel most comfortable when it is mine. When I don’t need to comb it in the morning cause that I just woke up look is a style on its own.

Ladies, embrace your natural selves.


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