Wine Bodies

Eclipses and Unicorns

I have to remember not to let you get under my skin.
I have to forget the bite marks in the morning
I have to not think about all you said while intoxicated
It may have been the truth but it doesnt matter.
Right now.
I’m just your warm body.
I keep thinking of how much you want to be in me instead of around me
Last night, you said you don’t have the heart to be rapist.
I appreciate it.
You giving me time and all.
And I’m waiting for the day when you snap.
Teasing is a dangerous game.
I need to know when to stop so I don’t bring out the monster in you.

You taste like red wine
You question me about why I taste like ciggs
I tell you home things got me tripping.
But that doesnt matter because our hug turns into
You carrying…

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