YAY OR NAY?: Beyonce walking the walk

Bow Down crooner King Bey took us all by surprise. No, we didn’t or at least i didn’t think she was done. But she done did it like no one has. How does one just drop an album with video’s with no promotions what so ever? She was smart, daring, bold. She’s Queen and she knows it. We know this. 


Now, i have been curious about their relationship not that i do not have anything better to do with my time. I do. But i wonder. They are one of the few couples who did it in that boy meets girl, girl meets boy. They become friends, date, get married have a baby.


It’s special. they are that power couple and power family. Now, i’m not sure if you heard the rumors, “separation.. divorce” whispers from unknown sources. but if you have heard that album. it don’t look like none of that is true. she is on fire and Jay Z has the best breakfast in the world! if i must say so myself.

*whispers: i could totally be up for a three some with those two. in another dimension, *


i’m impressed, i’m shocked. i’m loving the subtle feminism and independence oozing out of her walk, her voice even her silence between the throaty almost moans.


i’m almost smitten. almost.


What caught my attention wasn’t the Drake and Bey song. it was the Bey and Fucking Frank Ocean song!


Super Power!!!!!!!!! What??? i love how we as blacks are standing up for something in unity, preach bey. we know we want it. we almost have it. super power.




I love how 2014 welcomed me by finally, truly making me understand that i am a feminist. a humanist. i am a lot of things but non of those things are me. 


let’s all stand tall. let’s all share that tough love! that SUPER POWER.


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