The Right to Reject Penetration

As a girl child who has been raised in a Christian family, as a book lover and an extraordinarily simple human being I want to be able to run, shout, talk loudly and sit with my knees apart while holding a mug with wine in it. You know, mind my own business and live my life, that type of thing?

On this journey of self discovery and reading material that most would deem inappropriate for my age because it may confuse me and lead me astray, I have come to know a whole other world. We are raised in the closet and many things are taboo, you are not told why, you dare not question the system. They will always know what is best for you. They being anyone who has an opinion about you and they will.


I have something people called a rebellious spirit in me. I’m more likely to do what I’m told not to do because I believe in the power of experience, of unlearning and learning better habits. I’ll do what resonates with my spirit. Some people have assigned themselves posts in my life. They feel sexy dictating and directing life scripts they do not own.


“Do not cut your hair, I don’t like short hair”

“Don’t stretch your ears, it will hurt and you’ll be ugly and scary”

“I’m old enough to be your father, you should listen to me”

“The bible says…which means… ”

I have an off button. I can shut the world out and I do so often. Some people love placing others in boxes. They should look a certain way and do things in a certain way because they fit in ‘that’ box under ‘that’ label. Apparently expressing yourself is wrong because it makes you different from everyone and you are crying for attention. Maybe it’s just me being comfortable in my own skin and loving it! Maybe I have taken the time to set my priorities straight. I know myself and I am comfortable with myself. That is a lesson we could pass around.


You have the right to reject penetration from the forces that surround you. Say no, and mean it. Let your swag be confidence, respect and grace. Be that weirdo, be mysterious, that mixed breed, that focused spirit being. Surround yourself with unique people. Make sure you are constantly growing and don’t let anyone or anything bully you into being someone you are not. Not your parents, friends or partners, not religion or society.

No one can tell you how to grow into yourself. Find your missing parts and become that whole being you feel the need to be.



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