Typsy Conversation in Random places

ssoo.. i know I’ve been quiet for a while, I’ve been busy, varsity has been hectic and my social life is buzzing with drama i am not in but looking in on. it’s fun i admit.. 


i have been on a steady daily intake of alcohol this whole week. i did not buy it. i just happen to have people around me who have oil wells for pockets when it comes to alcohol. i’m okay with this. it’s their cash flow they can do what they like…but i’m not an alcoholic. this is my mantra these days.


i have had interesting conversations with people because we all know, peoples lips are more prone to dancing while slightly or highly intoxicated. I enjoy the ones in the kitchen, with the boys cooking weird meals, because it’s almost time to close the kitchen and everyone wants to cook and there are not enough burners. Guys are well versed in their street smarts as compared to females who haven’t seen the hustle life has to offer.

Females are raised closeted but males are told

“hey, you’re going to be the head of a family one day, go out there and learn how to stand up for yourself” 


most males anyway. but this aint about that.

it’s about the little pieces of knowledge you pick up along the way..

the other day we had a conversation about alcohol and females. i asked the guys which was better and as expected they had different opinions . one didn’t get jealous, you could have sex with the other, you know.. things, reasons. the conclusion was they needed both.

another thing was over friendliness.. what we defined it as because for some of us it was in our nature and some girls had their guards up concerning their boyfriends. It’s a tricky topic, there are double standards and many other factors we could debate over,just think about it..

We have a few new hostel mates.. most of them are bland.. not sure if i can use that to describe a person but this is true.

I’ve been up to a few things.. i find balancing school work, self growth or introspect and social life.. a bit of a challenge. i guess the growing part should come through experiencing life, but i also have to take a time out to read and learn and unlearn a few things. also, my mentor has been doing a lot of lovely things and it’s been inspiring to watch him blossom in his work and life. it makes me bring up talks about our future lives in the Kitchen. people have dreams, big dreams, but we not really working towards them. i think the first step is being honest with yourself right? , 



here is to being young, alive and somewhat happy.. hehe 🙂


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