“Feelings are the language of the soul”

 On this journey of self discovery and self education using material that most would deem inappropriate for my age because it may confuse me and lead me astray, I have come to know a whole other world.

We are not alone.

I’m not talking about aliens and the like. I mean when we sit in a room alone, we are not alone. There, with you, are your past lives and futures too, your emotions, reasons, purpose and passion. All of you, all of what you have been and all that you can be. The person you once where, still are and is going to be. You are a complex being, a universe, a God. 

but most people don’t see it that way.

We tend to think life is not a one man journey. I agree. We need… other things, we want companionship. We want to relate, to be heard, felt, loved, and appreciated. We want to not feel alone because that feeling is a cold room we freeze in, it stops the growing, the living, it makes you sink back into yourself like a snail into it’s shell.

 I agree with wanting all these things to keep us warm. i want them too. if life has taught me anything, and life has taught me a lot. it would be to find the warmth within me, that way. at least i would be sure to always have a light glowing to lead me home when the days get dark and cold. I can always sit and listen to thoughts running naked in my mind. i can lie down and feel the gut feelings and heart strings being pulled. 

“Feelings are the language of the soul”


They will never lead you astray. Be careful though, some thoughts disguise themselves as feelings, attention is necessary. 

Find yourself. Understand yourself.

People will want to change you before they meet you. They will have a list of things they don’t like about you and things that will make you ‘perfect’. And also, a bunch of invalid reasons, as to why it is all what is best. Then later on, Ultimatums. That is when you prove them wrong.

Know yourself.

All of you, even the insecure bits, that hide under your brave and courageous, the ones you are ashamed of and want no one else to know about.

Build a home, and only let people live in the guest room. for a while. If you ever feel like you need space, tell them. Then sit on the moon and smoke a blunt and watching your life unravel in the silence that follows. It is okay to breath, to huff and puff, To be selfish is to love yourself, never let anyone get in the way of your self love, not even yourself, especially not yourself.

Guard your heart and your mind. Speak all their languages so that the soul of the world can speak back to you. Keep these things with you and you will blossom, even when your flaws wither, you will become beautiful all over again. 




2 responses to ““Feelings are the language of the soul”

  1. It’s amazing how important self-care is. It’s something we all have to work on . I have a friend who is just learning to take care of herself and during a hard convo, I explained to her that self-care is like being on an airplane. They flight crew always reminds us to put on our own oxygen mask before helping anyone else (even if it’s a kid). Thanks for sharing!

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