Unsolicited Bull Droppings



i feel some type of way.

like i don’t want NO Foam Type of way.

like, don’t ruin my day! it’s been good, easy, free of your drama!

but no… “she is happy, let me ruin that” , i can see some people are idle! Go read a book tlhe mma, or learn how to write in full. i see you still use short hand on facebook.

I don’t want to have anyone to entertain. to do things for. To have to do things for. To do things with. I can survive on my own. Go places on my own. Do things on my own. I’m not saying be socially inept. I mean, mingle and stuff but don’t depend on that system whenever you wanna get your own things done. Its YOUR business, YOU handle it. i am entitled to i-don’t-wanna-do-shit days. to laze and lay in bed because i am so worth it.

i do what i want when i want how i want  because when shit gets real, it won’t be all of us in it. it will be me against the world. 

im not being bitchy, These are facts. Reality. Observations over a period of time.

Everyone always has something to say.

Who have you been listening to of late?  Is it worth it? Do they help you grow? Do they challenge you?

I have learn’t how to put everyone else on mute. It is a necessary skill in this day and age when everyone feels like they were born with the right to dictate your life. Even the ones who have little to show for in their life. 

What is so exhilarating about shoving  not just your nose but your whole face in someones business? 

people should know when their opinion is needed and wanted, and when they still do decide to share them, they should know that they do not have to be accepted and integrated into someone else’s lifestyle.

Know your place! that’s me being civil just trying to say : fuck your opinion. shove it. 

all the way up there… with the rest of your notions that i don’t need.

*breath* “Ladies never lose composure”  *breathe*


I like being by myself.

alone with myself. to converse with myself about the things happening in my world. me myself, i and all the others that dwell within me, we like these talks. these redeeming moments when i don’t have to speak lies. when being civil does not apply and social standards of morality are not welcome. I am not selfish, i do know that if i can put myself first, love me first, the rest will follow.

I can breath better. 






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