Home Coming

i think i was happy about being able to come home after so long. i think.

i’m not sure if it was the familiarity i was craving or the need to have someone i love near me. not sure if it was the loneliness or how people couldn’t relate to me on a soul to soul basis.

i guess that too is allowed. 

i think i was happy about coming home. i mean Russia is faaarrr man. i am from Botswana. imagine. i think i was also scared. we all fear change, but accepting it makes it okay, i guess.

Imageto begin with, African skies are wonderful. i marvel in their beauty. Where i was, cause of all the snow and what not, it was usually cloudy and gloom. i missed looking up and seeing the clouds doing their thing. i imagine God lying on his bed somewhere just running his fingers through the clouds.



i missed just sitting and looking at mother nature. i love breathing in the clean air and just feeling like i don’t have to put up a front. i don’t have to stress Image


i love looking at a familiar face. feeling that tug at your heart when they smile.





 i love that i can still be the one someone can find a bit of refuge in.


i’m glad i’m home





5 responses to “Home Coming

  1. Hello Louisapril, your post is wonderful and it’s nice to see that you’re back
    to your beautiful country :)) I wish you happiness!
    greetings from Brazil ~~ Jussara

  2. I’m envious of your trip. I’d love to go to Africa. I can certainly relate to the joy of coming home no matter how good your trip is. For me, it is always a wonderful feeling to get back to my nest.

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