The Liebster Award

The Liebster award is a fun informal award for blogs with under 200 followers, if you get nominated you chose another 11 people and link their blog to your post, with 11 questions for them all to answer.


a very big thank you to Obsessed  for nominating me 🙂 i was really surprised! and knew nothing about the awards!

okay.. so to start of…

These are the official rules;

Share 11 things about yourself

Answer 11 things that your tagger has asked you

Choose 11 fellow blog to nominate. The nominees must have under 200 GFC

Think of 11 questions to ask the blogger you have nominated

Thank the person that nominate you and link back to their blog

hhmm.. lets do this then!

thank you again Obsessed  for nominating me.

11 random things about me

  1. i love Spiders! they are my fave animals.
  2. i cant study without music.
  3. i wanted to be a doctor when i was younger.. now i’m studying computational mathematics and cybernetics. but really want to write and singing and taking pics!
  4. my fave colors are red and black!
  5. my bones make popping sounds all the time.. esp my wrists, back, patellae and shoulders.
  6. i did ballet as a kid.. loved it!
  7. i’ve always been the youngest in my class.. still am.
  8. i have a bottle of vodka under my bed (ssshshhhhhh)
  9. i  am kinda lactose’s all in my head and i know it but i still am
  10. i love feeling new feelings.. i tend to do stuff just to feel than just be.
  11. i’m a fan of dupstep and classical music :p

11 questions from the blogger who nominate me

  1. What is your most embarrassing moment?   uumm.this happened in high school. one morning while with two of my bus mates(and somewhat friends)we were waiting for our school bus, so we were just talking and sharing random jokes.. i dont know what happened but while i was laughing mucous just suddenly came out from my nose.. it was so disgusting and embarrassing.. but we laughed it off.. (//_\\)
  2. What is Your best childhood memory?  hhmm.. being at the farm with my grandma.. i love being near nature..she’d read us stories from the bible then tuck us in while singing traditional Damara songs
  3. If you win 1 million$ what will you spend it on? investing into my future and that of my family.. i’ve always wanted to build i proper recreational park for teens in Botswana. they loiter the malls for no good reason.
  4. What is your perfect day like? in bed, or just chilled in the house, cuddling with a good book and a tub of ice cream if i am to go out. i wanna see nature.. so away from city life any day is a good day for me.
  5. Name the accessories you can’t do without in a day ? my phone, headsets..(i need music), vaseline(my lips have never been softer), my glasses or contact lenses.. i’m extremely short sighted. hehehe
  6. Your favorite television program? hhmm dont watch much tv.. Revenge.. it’s a series.. about revenge.. *muahahahahah* *rubs palms together*
  7. Favorite vacation spot? hhmm.. out doors, nature.. if i were to be specific.. i’d have to say one of the Dasha’s i went to near Nizhny Novgorod, in Russia.. beautiful, quiet, nature.. *kisses finger tips!*
  8. Rachael. Phoebe or Monica (Friends)? definitely Rachel!
  9. Your favorite fashion designer?  i think Versace and Koketso Chiepe.
  10. Favorite dish? almost anything that has pasta..  i Love Lasagna though..
  11. To love or not to Love? i’m big on love! (ssssshhhh)* i’m a lover * so, to love!

11 questions for the people i have nominated

  1. what are the first three things you think of when you wake up?
  2. what inspires you (keeps you motivated)?
  3. favorite animal?
  4. all time favorite cartoon (movie or not)?
  5. A year you’d go back to?
  6. any Regrets?
  7. can males and females JUST be friends?
  8. Fave colour?
  9. Did you make your bed this morning?
  10. Do the people you love know that you love them?
  11. you do know that you are awesome right ???

11 people i nominate

  1. Darling.domo
  2. Caitlin liveblogs
  3.  the librarian who doesn’t say ssshhh
  4.  maggiemaeijustsaythis
  5.  lifesjourneyainteasy
  6. 23° 26′ 16″: The Misadventures of a Tswana-be
  7. mylimitdoesnotexist
  8.  Challenge Yourself To Live
  10.  I am who I am
  11.  Dialects of Thought

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