You Taught Me

Dear life, you often kept me informed of the things happening around me. Even though I wouldn’t understand you told and showed me anyway. I came to loathe that ‘you’ll understand one day’ phrase, along with the ‘when you are older you will look back and remember this day’.

I’ve been doing that a lot of late, looking back. A lot of things have fallen into place and I don’t feel as lost but you show me more things and I still have to wait for tomorrow to understand. It’s kinda like a see-saw, give and take? Maybe? a journey? Stops have to be made along the way to see how far we have come and think about what is left of it.

 I guess you taught me that it’s good to have those moments. Those intimate moments we spend with ourselves figuring out the next move. Looking back at how that last move played out. You taught me answers can be found in silence. We don’t always have to say something to be heard, we don’t have to listen when we already know the truth. You often said our guts rarely lead us astray. We just need to feel it, even when there is no movement at all.

You taught me that people come and go. Things we’d want to hold on to for a life time leave us before we can even say goodbye like baby pictures that fade with age, those first pair of shoes, a smile, a friend or  a loved one. you showed me that often water can be thicker than blood. Just because we share the same genes, we don’t share the same dreams. People will smile and hold your hand when you are on the same level but begin to pull you down when you start to progress.

You taught me that we can find love in places where we don’t frequent. Unexpected , sudden, slow, and yet too fast. In conversation about songs and stars. In a tub of ice cream that finishes too fast or a cup of coffee that takes forever to cool, so we are left gazing into eyes that go on for miles with feelings left unspoken. We find love when we find ourselves. The little pieces we pick up as we go. That distance can’t be erase and stain that wont fade.

I’m learning more about you each day..sometimes, you get cold and lonely.. other times you are warm and bubbly.. I enjoy my time with you. I know, this too will pass away. 


29 responses to “You Taught Me

  1. I love the post the sentiment is heart felt and beautifully expressed. I kind of needed to read this today. Thank you for sharing this from your heart! That thank you is from my heart!

  2. A nice reminder that Life can teach us so much if we just stop and listen. Thanks for the post. it’s one of those that should be printed off and put up on a wall and read each day.

  3. Reblogged this on The Introvert and commented:
    Its not too often that people take the chance to look back. Half of the time we’re consumed in the “here and now” that we forget to see how far we’ve come and look ahead to see how much farther we have to go. Sometimes, its with family and friends, other times its our cross and ours alone but there’s a “bright hopelessness” that comes with looking back.
    Each day we’re learning what he/she taught us and we’re not forgetting any sooner.
    Thanks for this fab post

    • i totally agree! often people ask me why i have those moments, they think because it’s past it wont help us in the future, i think that is where we can get our guide.. it has some of the does and don’ts.. i’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Reblogged this on Gratitude Prayer and commented:
    I often feel the same way at moments along my life: the desire to look back and put into place all the seemingly incongruent paths our lives have taken us, and the struggle to cope with the understanding that tomorrow will forever be unknown.

  5. This is very beautiful and so true. Lately I have been looking back a lot as well. Funny the way things turn out sometimes and the paths that lead us to where we are now. Thanks for this very thoughtful blog!

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