i remember how i used to feel
kinda like being set on fire
but it was always inside first
before you left me with a fever
trembling with lips swollen and wet
i’m lying in the aftermath of a quake.
somewhere undearneath all that debris
you always rescue me
after blowing me off the cliff
with your sweet air kisses.
you are looking into my eyes
i’m hoping you don’t see the cracks
i’ve told you too many times
that all i am is built on rocks
“i’m okay”, “don’t worry”
“we are just friends”
i’ve given up on not loving you
it’s hard to deny feelings
even harder to voice them.
i’m hoping i have enough life
in my eyes to fool you
that my pupils are not too dilated
that blow is a bit too addictive
but i’m never high enough around you
so i still have a few walls up
a couple of guards on duty
too many questions unanswered



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