Falling stars.

I thought I knew what loneliness was. Its definition was refined when oceans were crossed. The edges are sharper now…. my shadow is longer now, it creeps into night time bringing with it memories that follow me into what should be dreams but are nightmares.

I find myself scrapping the surface of my skin with ragged finger nails from biting them too much. Trying to sink my teeth into some form of emotion I could feed of and feel alive again. Instead, all it ever did was picking at the skin on my wrist. Scratching, trying to find words I had once written there.. I was hoping they could trigger some form of emotion, I don’t like feeling… this way.

Sometimes when palms meet cheeks while elbows rest on damp pillows, we ask too many questions and don’t give enough answers so it seems like this journey is an endless maze. We think we have finally found a path that leads somewhere till the light disappears and a brick wall stands a bit too high before you.

I don’t mean to rant,

 but some things can never be said enough.

Especially if they aren’t said to whom

they were meant for.

So spare me a few seconds and

 let me get this of my chest.

I miss you.

 I miss the way you gently folded

 my soul into yours

so I was never truly alone,

we counted enough stars

 that night so don’t erase

our memories from the sky

, they will only fall like meteors

And you’ll mistake them for

Falling stars.




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