Bits of Me

my name is Louisa
but most call me April
i don’t mind the jokes that come with that
just pick your days well, i’m quite moody
i love spiders, red, black, lime and birds of paradise
i am shy,
i’m serious, don’t laugh
i have the ability to hide behind a wall of confidence
i’m seventeen.. often too childish
but mature for my age when need be.
in my first year of varsity, wishing it was my last
i like nature, not four walls and a green board with 
math sums that i understand now and fail to recall during exams.
i like being a lone. i think a lot
sleep too little , eat too much
i’m an emotional being,, sometimes a bit too much.
i can be mean, rude, selfish and heartless
and i can love real hard. 
i can take a joke and hold grudges too.
i can forgive (thank heavens!)
but still working on the forgetting part.
i enjoy trying new things.. meeting new people.
feeling new feelings. and writing about it all.
i’ve learnt how to smile during the bad days 
and cry during the best, & i mean exactly that
i ask “how are you?” too much
and say ” i’m fine” even more. esp when i’m not.
i have dreams.. i guess we all do.
mine? i’ll get there just you watch and see.
how? i’m learning everyday 🙂
have more acquaintances than friends.
more meat than my fave jeans can accommodate
but thats okay, i’m an emotional eater.
i’ll get over whatever is bothering me.
i’ve got a few piercings, an imaginary tattoo.
i don’t have whatsapp.. my phone is not so smart
i’m always online but click on offline
i cry during movies , like i knew the characters personally
i can sing.. well enough to get by everyday
learning to play the guitar cause i think it’s sexy
and sounds cool.. i wanna be cool, someday
i’ve been high and tipsy, drunk too.
it’s life, i like experimenting.
i want a baby, and a baby daddy 
that is my best-friend, lover and husband
i’m a virgin, but i’m not frigid either.
i mean it when i say i love you
and don’t start hating you when we barely speak
i’m human enough to acknowledge you season came and left
i leave when i’m not wanted , more so when not needed.
i’m rough, and like dancing in public
my real friends don’t get embarrassed, they join me :p



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