Missing home: Botswana

one never really knows what to expect when moving to a new place.i am here and i’m starting to appreciate home a lot more. well it must be how life teaches us to be grateful.. the whole not knowing what you have till its gone.. or in this case.. till you are gone…  to begin with i am from Botswana. At 581,730 km2 (224,607 sq mi) Botswana is said to be the world’s 48th-largest country, covered by 70% of the Kalahari desert making it very  sandy, dry and hot. i remember how i used to complain about the sun… here in Russia.. it’s mostly cloud cover.. all gloomy and sad. it’s spring time now. the sun says hi a lot more and even stays for a conversation the whole day. it makes me miss home.. a lot more than i did before… 😦

we have semi desert like conditions where the sun melts into the sand after a long day of heat waves. during that time of the day we often don’t mind. African sunsets are beautiful. i miss watching them.


sometimes during those long days the sky just feels like crying from all the heat and complaints of it’s people. we get bursts of rain at very unpredictable times and even though we complain. we know it’s bound to happen..thats what we call home.. love to hate about home and hate about home. we have an inland delta, one of the largest in the world. it’s called the Okavango Delta, its beautiful.Imageat night. depending on where you are the view can be beautiful filled with sounds of the night. i could always stand outside and feel a bit at peace. could always become one with myself and be thankful for the cool air night brought. i miss the nights i spend walking with my baby brother outside at night.. in circles in our yard, singing him to sleep while i patted his back. i guess he loved those too. he cried when i tried to move him from a position in which he got to comfortable. he learnt how to say stars and and moon.. he always pronounced moon and “moo”, he said it with so much joy and his eyes lit up.. i guess i miss the view of the sky from home. it seems closer. here , everything is so far and out of reach.

this was taken from Kgale Hill.Imagei think that one of the things i miss most.. every now and then me and some family members or friends would go for a walk up the hill.. 3/4 ways up when we reached the concrete slab was the hardest part but once you’d get to the top.. it would all be worth it.

i left a lot unfinished. some buildings have been completed and more are buildings built. by the time i’m back i’m hoping to get lost in my back yard :p .


i miss home. you raised me to be who i am… my gratefulness expands over the vastness of the waters the separate me from you. i’ll be home soon Motherland.


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