silent corners

silent corners

Doesn’t it get lonely? Living the way you do, shutting out people and only paying attention to those with detail because somehow you can use those details as thread in your life to help you patch the blank spaces that you chose to forget or can’t seem to remember.
Doesn’t it get cold? Can’t seem to stop the wind from blowing in. too many cracks in the wall you hide behind colorful wall paper and beautiful paintings that portray your good but begin to drip horror stories when your bad side is shown only to mess up personalities and master pieces, masks and hidden agendas.
Does it send shivers down your spine when I read you better than you can read yourself? When I look into your eyes and see the demons that hunt you making your soul their home. Moving about furniture and dying your blood black with illusions and infatuation with ideas of you being a higher being. I see the fights you face daily, the choices you chose, the people you please and hearts you hurt.
Does it make you feel good when you wipe away the tears that find themselves on my face? Wet and salty with emotion from last night, big and fat from tear ducts that never seem to run dry, but have cried way to many times. I left my battles to fight yours because I didn’t want to watch you kill yourself. I stripped off the wall paper and filled the cracks with cement of love, how do you not feel it? How do you use those same walls to keep me away from you?
What is it like to forget my voice, to live in silence? Forget about vibrations against ear drums and hearts that turn numb in the silence you choose to ignore and yet you acknowledge because it surrounds you like gloves do hands and boots cover feet, the faint sound of a heartbreaking. It is hard to be sure since the silence was so very large and the sound of a heart breaking, is so very small. A molecule of sound in a universe of silence…


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